Our aim is to provide all of our pupils with an engaging curriculum, regardless of background and ability. It is centred around the teachings of Christ, with 10 per cent of the curriculum dedicated to R.E. We want our pupils to be ready educationally, spiritually and culturally, to be emotionally able to face the challenges of the world, to have mutual respect for everyone, and to contribute to making their communities a better place to live.


At Saint Peter’s every pupil is recognised and celebrated as a unique individual, made in the image and likeness of God. We believe that Primary education should be a happy time where there are no limits to curiosity and enquiry. Pupils will experience high quality teaching that promotes progression, excellence in skills, knowledge and concept acquisition, and places Catholic values at the heart of the curriculum. Pupils will be encouraged to develop a rich vocabulary and a love of reading to enable them to excel in all subjects. We will help transform ‘half answers’ into informed, full responses.


We embrace the heritage of our region, and see community involvement as an integral part of teaching and learning at St Peter’s. Families and visitors are most welcome to add to this rich tapestry, and our pupils will live out their journey of faith through prayer and close links to our church, using faith for the good of others through fund raising, both locally and globally.


- Mrs. L. Rinaldi-Oxley, Head Teacher

Curriculum Intent Statement